Kingsday in Holland

It is the most important festival in Holland and the thousands of Dutch who live in the province of Malaga are grateful to be able to celebrate their traditions even so far away from home.

This is the Birthday of the King of Holland a custom that started years ago when Dutch dress up in Orange, which is the color of the royal house, in honor of the Orange Royal Family. The owner of the restaurant Vino Mio, Hélène Mostertman decided to organize this event in collaboration with the Picasso Barrio, as she would have done back home.

First the square is decorated with orange flags with and of course the flag of the Netherlands, then the children are invited to participate, they are the true leaders during this event. Children gather all your unwanted items at home, games, clothes, books … then they put on blankets on the floor in the square  and sell their wares to anyone visiting the party. It’s a carboot sale with a twist!

In addition, the restaurant plays Dutch music and of course the local cuisine, with meat croquettes, cheeses, different breads and desserts. The party has a beneficial character, and the proceeds go to Cudeca.

Between 10 and 15,000 Dutch live in Málaga, mainly on the coast, Mijas, Fuengirola and Torremolinos. Many of them come to Spain looking for the good time and have stayed here to live and develop their professional life here. Many of them already meet in associations and clubs such as Club Nederland, chaired by Kees Van Riel.


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